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      Fly Fishing Guides


      WCA Fly Fishing Guides:

      WCA Fly Fishing Guides - Jackson Hole - A. J. Sanders


      Born and bred a true outdoorsman, AJ grew up planting and harvesting on the plains of Iowa. His overwhelming desire to explore the mountains and rivers brought him to Jackson Hole in 1996 where he quickly made a name for himself as one of the valleys top fishing guides and skiing instructors. AJ has an innate ability to discern anglers skill and comfort levels and works hard to create a fun and challenging learning environment. He loves to work with anglers of all abilities, but his uncanny talent lies in his gift to turn the first-day novice into a competent angler. AJ lives in Jackson with his wife Tory and two boys, Atticus and Oliver.


      To Request a fishing trip with AJ Sanders, please click the link below:
      AJ Sanders Trip Request



      WCA Fly Fishing Guides - Jackson Hole - B ill Happersett


      A thirty-year resident of Jackson Hole, Bill Happersett has been guiding for 25+ years and was one of the original WCA fly fishing guides. He guided 5 years on Little Cayman Island in B.W.I. for bonefish, baby tarpon, and permit. Bill has been with Bressler Outfitters/WorldCast Anglers since day one in the early 80’s. The thrill is not gone!


      To Request a fishing trip with Bill Happersett, please click the link below:
      Bill Happersett Trip Request




      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Brad Boyer

      Brad is from Baltimore, Maryland where he grew up hunting and fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. Brad attended Washington College in Chestertown, MD where he earned a degree in Business Management. During his college summers Brad worked as a fly fishing guide at the A Bar A Ranch in Encampment, WY. After graduating Brad made the move to Jackson full time. He now spends his summers guiding and winters skiing and fishing.


      To Request a fishing trip with Brad Boyer, please click the link below:
      Brad Boyer Trip Request




      WCA Fly Fishing Guides - Jackson Hole - Brenda Swinney

      Brenda grew up in the Kansas City area, fishing with her family in the Missouri Ozarks for crappie, bass and catfish. She attended the Kansas City Art Institute and earned her BFA in Painting from the University of Kansas. After a decade-long career as a chef, and finding herself headed toward the wedding catering industry, she chose instead to head west and pursue her wildest dream (at the time, that is) of being a flyfishing guide. She attended Western Rivers Guide School in 1997, and has happily guided on the South Fork each summer since. Brenda has been featured on Flyfish Television and Sporting Fly’s Snake River Idaho DVD. Her “Plan B” (her friends call her “B”) fly pattern is a local favorite and was featured in Fly Tyer magazine. Brenda spends her winters in her Kansas City studio painting landscapes from the South Fork of the Snake River and Greater Yellowstone Territory. You can view her art at a couple of local fly shops and on her website, www.mightyreel.com. Brenda is an excellent teacher who has won over many rookies with her passion and patience. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, you can expect a day spent with Brenda to improve your casting, technique, knowledge and enjoyment of fly fishing.


      To Request a fishing trip with Brenda Swinney, please click the link below:
      Brenda Swinney Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Brian Groseth

      The lure of the Tetons and the endless fishing opportunities around Jackson Hole brought Brian here from Colorado. After completion of the Western Rivers Guide School, he found his calling. He’s a knowledgeable and friendly guide whose energy and enthusiasm are highlighted while on the river. Whether you’re just a beginner or a seasoned veteran with a fly rod, you’ll have an enjoyable experience with “G”.


      To Request a fishing trip with Brian Groseth, please click the link below:

      Brian Groseth Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Brian Johnson

      Brian was introduced to fly fishing at a young age in backcountry streams in his home state of Colorado. His outdoor pursuits, eventually led him to the University of Montana in Missoula. He spent all of his free time chasing wild trout in local fisheries of Rock Creek, The Big Blackfoot and Bitterroot Rivers. This love for rivers led him into guiding both rafting and fly fishing trips in the rivers surrounding Glacier National Park and Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. The combination of premier trout streams and towering mountains eventually led him to Jackson Hole. Brian cherishes every moment spent on the water, continually looking forward to teaching and sharing his knowledge, experience, and love for the sport with guests on the river.


      To Request a fishing trip with Brian Johnson, please click the link below:
      Brian Johnson Trip Request



      Henry's Fork Fly Fishing Guide - Brian McCabe

      Brian grew up in Idaho and Wisconsin and has dedicated his life to enjoying the outdoors. From skiing the mountains of Colorado to kayaking the rivers of North Carolina, his journeys have taken him through the cycles of water, I live my life for gravity motion. Brian has worked many aspects of the fly-fishing industry and is represented his knowledge and ideas. In 1999 he started his guiding career under the WorldCast Anglers outfitting license and has spend every summer since showing off what Idaho and Wyoming have to offer. Brian’s up beat attitude and excitement of the outdoors can be seen with a day on the water with him. He loves a blank slate to work with and is patient with those who may be lesser experienced in fly-fishing.


      To Request a fishing trip with Brian McCabe, please click the link below:
      Brian McCabe Trip Request


      Henry's Fork Fly Fishing Guide - Casey Birkholz

      Ever since picking up a fly rod at the age of three, Casey had a crazy fascination with fish.? He would play sick in elementary school to go fish the local pond for perch. Guiding since 1999, that same fascination has never grown old on Casey.? In fact, “When I am not thinking about fishing, I am still thinking about fishing!” He was lucky enough to grow up very close to the Henry’s Fork River, and still to this day thinks it is the “Perfect” river. Casey spends the winter teaching history to high school students in North Ogden, Utah. A true educator in the classroom and on the water, Casey has the knowledge and patience for the true beginner as well as the seasoned fly fishing veteran. Casey has been featured on the Outdoor Channel and enjoys the true guiding lifestyle. His goal is to get people to simply forget about the outside world for just one day while you are in his boat. If you are looking for a float trip on the South Fork, a walk/wade trip on the Ranch, or whitewater in the Teton Canyon, Casey can do it all.


      To Request a fishing trip with Casey Birkholz, please click the link below:
      Casey Birkholz Trip Request



      Cliff Knight, born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Rome, GA. There he enjoyed an early introduction to the world of fly fishing by fishing for striped bass in his backyard river. During college at the University of Georgia, Cliff spent his summers around Jackson Hole and Teton Valley fishing everything he could find. After college, he worked for a couple years as an environmental?scientist before moving to Teton Valley full-time.? His passion for rivers, love for the area, and background in whitewater kayaking made it an easy choice. He attended the Western Rivers guide school and immediately realized he had found what he loves to do. Cliff enjoys sharing the great sport of fly-fishing with novice anglers and expert anglers alike. During most winters, Cliff enjoys bird hunting and skiing in Teton Valley but this past winter he spent the whole winter at Casa Blanca Fishing Lodge in Mexico chasing permit around the flats of Ascension Bay.


      To Request a fishing trip with Cliff Knight, please click the link below:
      Cliff Knight Trip Request



      Craig Richardson grew up and was schooled in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been fishing from a very young age, focusing the majority of his time fly fishing. He spends the majority of his time fishing freshwater around South Africa, primarily focusing on the Vaal River, Dulstroom and small Highveld streams around Johannesburg. On matriculating he joined Fly Fishers Unlimited in Johannesburg, tying commercial flies as well as freelance guiding on the Vaal River. He joined the competitive fly fishing circuit in 2008. He represented his province for 7 years and competing for South Africa for 4 of those years.? He fished two Youth World fly fishing championships, 1 commonwealth games and one Men’s World Fly fishing Championship. He won a team bronze medal in Ireland. Craig started working for FlyCastaway in 2013 on the Pongola river camp. He then started guiding on Sterkfontein dam early in 2014.? Ate the tender age of 19 he experienced saltwater flats fishing for the first time on Farquhar Atoll in Seychelles. He guided one season on Farquhar before being relocating to St Brandons Atoll in Mauritius. He has guided St Brandons for 9 seasons and is currently a head guide. He has fished a lot around the world, including?France, Bosnia, Lesotho, England, Ireland, Swaziland, Wales, Canada and the USA. He is a passionate fly tier and spends a lot of his off water time thinking about new patterns and? materials.


      To Request a fishing trip with Craig Richardson, please click the link below:
      Craig Richardson Trip Request



      Curt grew up in Texas where he learned early to enjoy fishing and other outdoor sports.? He attended Baylor University with and BBA in marketing. He raced and worked in the bicycling industry, moved to Austin and then to Boulder, CO.? Fly fishing was becoming more of a passion than a hobby, he started guiding in the Summit Co area and made a move to Jackson, WY where he has guided for 20 years on local rivers and lakes.? If asked his favorite he would probably would say the Teton Canyon.? Off season, Curt skis as a job with the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol and in the spring hosts bonefish trips to the Bahamas. He lives in Victor, ID with his wife, Shannon and daughter, Cadence.
      Curt Is an ambassador or pro staffs with Clackacraft drift boats, Hatch Reels, Fishpond, Scott Fly rods, Seaholm Automatic watches, and a Howler Brothers Ambassador


      To Request a fishing trip with Curt Hamby, please click the link below:
      Curt Hamby Trip Request



      Eric grew up in Nashville, Tennessee fishing for anything with fins with his brother, Will. He attends Auburn University and is pursuing a degree in History. He is a graduate of the WCA Western Rivers Guide School and entering his 4th season with WorldCast Anglers. Eric will use any type of method to get fish to the net. If you want to toss single dries or heavy nymph rigs, Eric can accommodate. He loves taking out anglers of all skill classes. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, Eric’s calm and friendly attitude will make for a great day on the river.


      To request a fishing trip with Eric Ezell, please click the link below:
      Eric Ezell Trip Request



      Henry's Fork Fly Fishing Guide - Erik White

      Erik White (Whitey) was raised in Truckee, California near Lake

      Tahoe, and is now a resident of Driggs, Idaho. Most of Erik’s youth was consumed with fishing and whitewater rafting in the Sierras. Erik’s ten year whitewater guiding career, brought him all over Northern California, Colorado, Arizona, Mexico, and finally to Idaho. Here he led six day wilderness trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon combining whitewater and fly fishing. After five seasons on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, he migrated to the rivers in the beautiful Teton area. Guiding since 1990, his experience will ensure you a good day on the water! Erik believes that a good day fishing should not only include catching fish, but should also be an escape into the beauty of these amazing rivers!


      To Request a fishing trip with Erik White, please click the link below:
      Erik White Trip Request



      Geoff JohnonGeo? Johnson was ?rst introduced to the wonderful world of ?shing via a cane pole and worm while standing on a bridge south of Dallas, Texas when he was just a wee little rascal. From there he misspent most of his youth ?shing, hunting, and team roping across Texas and Oklahoma with his dad and brother. While attending Texas Tech University he decided to spend the summer after his sophomore year working, but mainly ?shing in Jackson, Wyoming with a few friends. To say that summer was a formative one for young Geo? is an understatement. As soon as the ink dried on his Diploma he headed back for Jackson, where he ?shed, played in a few bands and learned the ?ner points of working odd jobs. Geo? enjoys guiding a wide array of ?shing styles to suit anyone’s itinerary, from backcountry trips into Yellowstone, dry ?y ?shing on the Henry’s Fork or any crazy adventure we can dream up. When he’s not trying to perfect the art of ?sh levitation, Geo? enjoys sur?ng, upland bird hunting and Dutch Oven cooking.


      To Request a fishing trip with Geoff Johnson, please click the link below:
      Geoff Johnson Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing GuideGeorge developed a love for fly fishing at a young age in the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina and East Tennessee. During the winter, George attends Clemson University in South Carolina where he takes advantage of diverse fishing opportunities. Hiking up rhododendron-choked streams for trout, chasing lake-run striper and poling the marsh for floodtide redfish are just a few of the activities that keep him from going to class. Whether he is guiding beginners or well-traveled anglers, George brings his enthusiasm, patience and sense of humor to every trip.


      To Request a fishing trip with George Fallon, please click the link below:
      George Fallon Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - George WhiteBorn and raised in the wilds of East Lansing, Michigan, a fly rod was forced into George’s hands at the tender age of four. Being a terminal victim of “the fever”, George’s father Gil took his sons on countless fishing excursions for salmon, steelhead, and trout all over the fabled waters of Northern Michigan. A “family vacation” usually meant a fishing trip in the White’s house. After a fishing hiatus through his rebellious teen years, George moved to Montana to attend college. It was here, before his freshman year, guiding whitewater outside of Glacier National Park, that the epiphany occurred. Dad was right all along….catching fish with flies is as good as it gets! After four wonderful seasons with Glacier Anglers, George was “all in” and ready to make a career of harassing aquatic wildlife with hooks. Fate led him back to the beloved Tetons of his youth where George found his dream job at World Cast Anglers. It has been six years and “Jorge” has never looked back. He revels in the diversity of the fishery here taking full advantage of the area’s endless opportunities. The unpredictable nature of dealing with wild rivers and fish make everyday a new adventure, and there’s nothing that George enjoys more than sharing that adventure with his beloved friends/clients. When not fishing, George can be found at home, as he really doesn’t have any other hobbies.


      To Request a fishing trip with George White, please click the link below:
      George White Trip Request


      Heather Munn

      Heather was raised in Illinois in a suburb of Chicago. After high school Heather knew her calling was to head west to the mountains?and rivers. She attended college in Grand Junction Co., and spent her summers in the Greater Yellowstone area working as a river guide,? where she was first introduced to catching fish on the fly. Post college Heather cut her teeth on the world class waters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. After 13 years of whitewater river guiding, Heather decided to follow her passion for angling,? you can now find her rowing drift boats and catching fish around Teton Valley Idaho where she lives year round. In the off-season Heather and her avalanche?rescue dog Levi are professional Ski Patrollers at Grand Targhee Resort.? Heather enjoys sharing her love of fishing and the joy of the outdoors with visitors near and far.


      To Request a fishing trip with Heather Munn, please click the link below:
      Heather Munn Trip Request




      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Hope Strong

      Hope Strong came to Teton Valley in the summer of 2001 to work for the Teton Valley News as a reporter and photographer. He graduated from the Western Rivers Guide School weeks after his departure from the Teton Valley News and has worked in the fishing industry during the past years in North and South America. The combination of Hope’s love of area rivers and his passion for storytelling and news reporting create a special day on the water for any angler of any skill level. Hope and his wife, Janice, live in Tetonia, ID with their son Hope the V.


      To Request a fishing trip with Hope Strong, please click the link below:
      Hope Strong Trip Request


      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing GuideJack grew up in suburban Chicago with a passion for fishing the upper Midwest. He picked up the fly rod when he moved to Jackson in 2004 and hasn’t put it down since.? Guiding since 2008, his favorite aspect of the profession is the opportunity to share our amazing fisheries with local and visiting anglers. With a background in education, he loves working with anglers of all ages and experience levels. During the winter months Jack is able to enjoy his other favorite pastime, skiing, while patrolling at Grand Targhee. He lives in Victor with his wife Selena, daughter Rhea and their pet menagerie.


      To Request a fishing trip with Jack Garrow, please click the link below:
      Jack Garrow Trip Request


      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing GuideJackson was born in Idaho Falls and started fly fishing in the small streams of the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico around the age of 5. After graduating to the tailaters of the San Juan below Navajo Dam, Jackson moved back to Idaho Falls to complete junior high and high school. He has been rowin a drift boat down the Snake River and its tributaries ever since. Jackson attended Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, where he studied Physiscs with a minor in Math and strong concentration in fly fishing. Jackson also has a M.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Scienes from the Univeristy of Colorado in Boulder, so don’t be surprised when he starts to nerd out over teh weather while rowing the boat. A genuine love for fly fishing and a fear of the great indoors has lead Jackson to pursue a career in uideing. An obsession with trout and teh waters they inhabit along with a scientific background has resulted in Jackson’s analytical approach to fishing. He enjoys teaching and learing from anglers of all ability levels.


      To Request a fishing trip with Jack Garrow, please click the link below:
      Jackson Knoll Trip Request


      Jesse lives in beautiful Teton Valley, Idaho with his wife Leah and their three children, Addison, Braylon and Olivia. He was born and raised not too far off from Jackson, Wyoming where he found his passion in fly fishing at a fairly young age. Jesse learned to fly fishing on the small tributaries near the Grand Tetons including the well-known Flat Creek, the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park and the small creeks in the less explored Gros Ventre mountain range. Jesse worked for a brief time at Jack Dennis Sports in Jackson with fly fishing figures Jeff Currier and Scott Sanchez before beginning a career in law enforcement. His true passion however is fly fishing and in 2015 he took the opportunity to attend the Western Rivers Guide School. Jesse continues to share his enthusiasm for fly fishing with those who are less experienced to those who are masters of the art. He would love to have the opportunity to do so with anyone who is ready for a fun day on the river.


      To Request a fishing trip with Jesse Willcox, please click the link below:
      Jesse Willcox Trip Request




      Born and raised in North Carolina,?Joe?Harris?grew up in the outdoors. He spent every spare minute hunting and fishing around the house as well as in the mountains and the coast. Coming from a fly fishing family he and his brother started at a young age spending every family vacation chasing trout, tarpon, bass, albacore or whatever was in season at the time.??Beginning in 2009 he began working in the Jackson area in the summers and the waters surrounding this beautiful area captured his attention.??After graduating from The University of The South: Sewanee in 2012 he decided to stay continue his guiding career. Spending time guiding in Alaska and fishing for himself around the country from Montana to Islamorada, Florida;?Joe?lives to take people fishing. A patient angler and knowledgeable about the area, he is a fun guide to spend a day on the water with whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fly angler.??


      To Request a fishing trip with Joe Harris, please click the link below:
      Joe Harris Trip Request




      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing GuideJoey started fishing as soon as he could walk. By the age of 5, he became the favored winner at local derbies and his friends knew Joey’s birthday party would be at the local pond each year. ?Joey and his dad started their competition on who could catch the most on the three rivers in Pittsburgh PA where he grew up. Slaying cat fish?in the summer time, chasing Steelhead in Erie, New York and all around the Great Lakes in the winter or fooling the rainbows and browns on the incredible Youghiogheny River became routine. Joey became interested in a different kind of fishing, fly fishing and that is when Joey’s life took a turn. Three days after gingerly showing his dad how to fly fish for Steelhead in Erie, Joey was in a car accident at the age of 16 and wasn’t supposed to live. Fly fishing pulled him through as it became his way to live again. At the age of 17, Joey helped open the Orvis store in Pittsburgh and the day after graduating high school spent the summer working at Orvis in Jackson Hole, where he found himself “Living the Dream”.? After that summer Joey came back to Orvis in Pittsburgh and became fly fishing manager at the young age of 18. But something was missing, he graduated Western Rivers Guide School in 2018 and has been working for WorldCast Anglers ever since. Joey now calls Victor, Idaho his home. He has the patience of a lamb with the competition of a lion.?“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope”. (John Buchan)


      To Request a fishing trip with Joey Maxim,, please click the link below:
      Joey Maxim Trip Request


      JT EIGEL

      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing GuideJT found his passion for fly fishing at the age of 14 while backpacking the Wind River Range. There he found rising cutthroat trout in the evenings at camp. He brought this passion home where he began to fly fish for bass and bream on Lake Lanier in his home state of Georgia. Soon after getting his diver’s license, JT began to target trout all over North Georgia, Wstern North Carolina and East Tennessee. After expanding his knowledge of bahaviours of trout and the streams they inhabit in the southeast, JT moved to Bozeman, Montana for increased opportunity to fish while attending Montana State University. JT likes to help and teach angler of any experience or skill level catch fish.


      To Request a fishing trip with JT Eigel, please click the link below:
      JT Eigel Trip Request


      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Kasey Collins

      Kasey’s life-long adventure of fishing began on Badger Creek here in Teton Valley, Idaho. As a boy, he fished for cutthroat trout with live grasshoppers. Now the proud father to son Jacob and daughter Carly, Kasey has enjoyed a long career guiding the incredible fly fishing water around Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho area. Creator of the renowned “Creature” dry fly, Kasey loves tying flies, sneaking up on picky fish, and can occasionally be found hunting bonefish in the Bahamas. Kasey is actively involved with Teton Valley Trout Unlimited chapter and works to restore and protect the majestic Teton River and its tributaries. Fishing with Kasey is an exciting experience where “fun is the first priority… and catching fish sure is fun!”


      To Request a fishing trip with Kasey Collins, please click the link below:
      Kasey Collins Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Keith Smith

      Keith Smith is native to Wyoming. Born in Casper he has been fortunate to fish a lot of water in the great state of Idaho and Wyoming. From the far reaches of Laramie to the Tetons, he has fished it all. Keith attended Casper College and the University of Wyoming where he studied biology. When Keith was not in school, he worked on guest ranches throughout Wyoming as a wrangler, fishing guide and hunting guide. Drawn to the allure of the Tetons, Keith pursued his passion for the outdoors where he hunts, fishes and spends as much time outdoors as possible. Keith now lives in Victor, ID where you will be hard pressed to find him standing around. Always on the prowl for some excitement, he brings a vivid flavor to guiding for WorldCast Anglers.


      To Request a fishing trip with Keith Smith, please click the link below:
      Keith Smith Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing GuideBorn in Ohio and raised in Arizona, Kevin moved to the Tetons in 1996 after graduating from Northern Arizona University, earning a degree in Parks and Recreation Management with and Education emphasis. As a passionate outdoorsman, Kevin’s spring and summers are focused on fishing and guiding trips. During the fall, he is a shotgun loader for an upland bird hunting lodge, stalks big game with a traditional bow and hunts upland birds with his two Brittanys. Kevin spends winters as a Snowboard Instructor at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort where he was awarded the 2016 Youth Snowboard Institutor of the year. Always in a teaching, coaching or guiding role, Kevin is know for his patience, quality instruction and professional demeanor. Whether you’re a first day novice or an accomplished angler, Kevin can help take your skill set to the next level.


      To Request a fishing trip with Kevin Emery, please click the link below:
      Kevin Emery Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing GuideMark has been in the fly fishing industry for more than 18 years as a professional angler, guide and destination travel trip host. With his dad, he started his fly fishing career at a young age in the Julian Alps of Croatia. Later he expanded that fly fishing passion to the rivers of the lost coast of California chasing wild Steelhead. Marks passion for fly fishing has taken him around the world; from Jackson Hole to Key West and California to Croatia. That same passion and knowledge of fly fishing is still alive today as he joyously passes it onto his friends and clients alike.


      To Request a fishing trip with Mark Buljan, please click the link below:
      Mark Buljan Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide

      Mike was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and moved to the states as a young child. After graduating from St. Lawrence University in 93’ and attending the Western Rivers Professional Guide School in 94’, he began guiding. Mike is a WCA Head Guide and instructor for the Western Rivers Guide School. He was also the Jackson Hole One Fly Top Guide winner in 03’ and 18’. The mountain life fueled a fueled Mike’s passions of fishing and skiing. During the winter, He has worked at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort as an instructor, guide, trainer and examiner for almost 30 years. He has 3 wonderful kids, Nick, Owen and Stella; all of which enjoy the mountain life. One of his daily goals are that his guests walk away with more knowledge than they came with. He enjoys the challenges and looks forward to guiding vicariously through the anglers that hop into his boat If anyone would like to tattoo his boat, the invitation is there!


      To Request a fishing trip with Mike Janssen, please click the link below:
      Mike Janssen Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Mike Medvecz

      Originally from the Midwest, Mike spent his youth exploring the lakes and river systems of northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Even with the distraction of the many spring fed creeks and rivers within the vicinity of UW-Madison, he earned undergrad and graduate degrees studying wildlife biology and environmental monitoring, including a few courses in entomology. After graduating, Mike followed his passion for open spaces and wild trout where his enthusiasm for the sport of fly fishing became an obsession. Continuing wildlife work allowed him to fish many remote and pristine areas of the Northwest and much of Alaska. Mike then decided to make his living doing what he enjoys most. Mike takes pleasure in teaching others and finds as much satisfaction in seeing his friends and clients catch fish as he does in catching them himself. His patience, appreciation for the natural world, and drive for success make a day in Mike’s boat one to be remembered.


      To Request a fishing trip with Mike Medvecz, please click the link below:
      Mike Medvecz Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Mikey Hemkens

      Mikey is originally from Eureka, Missouri and has been fishing ever since he was in diapers. Growing up in the Mid-west, he spent most of his spring and summer days chasing catfish, bass, bluegill, and crappie. Mikey is the 6th of 7 children but his two older brothers changed his angling life by teaching him how to fly fish. In high school Mikey traveled the globe fishing on the U.S. National Youth Fly Fishing Team. In 2008, he placed 9th individually out of 60 competitors in the World Championships held in Portugal. Mikey graduated with a Communications degree from DePauw University in the spring of 2011 where he played four years of varsity football. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner, Mikey will share his knowledge of the outdoors with anyone who steps in his boat. Mikey’s sense of humor and easy going attitude make for a great day on the water no matter what the fishing conditions are like.


      To Request a fishing trip with Mikey Hemkens, please click the link below:
      Mikey Hemkens Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fishing Guide

      After graduating from high school in Madison, Wisconsin, Nathan moved to Bozeman, Montana to attend college. While studying marketing and entrepreneurship, Nathan spent his first summer in Gardiner, Montana as a raft guide. Here he developed a passion for the river. The next seven summers were spent on the Flathead river system near Glacier National Park as a multi-day trip leader for rafting and fishing trips in the Bob Marshall Wildness. He now spends his summers guiding in the lower Yellowstone Ecosystem around Jackson Hole and Teton Valley and winters in Salt Lake City, UT.


      To Request a fishing trip with Nathan Macheel, please click the link below:
      Nathan Macheel Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Nolan Bluntzer

      Nolan is originally from New Braunfels Texas. If he had to choose to do one thing for the rest of his life, it would be guiding and helping others enjoy the sport. Introduced to fly fishing by a family friend when he was teenager, he has developed a passion for the sport that continues to grow today. Nolan has been fortunate enough to travel to many international destination to fish for different species; however, he believes that the Teton Valley and Snake River drainages are the finest in the world. His outgoing personality, patience, and desire to help his clients succeed make him a great match for novices and experts. When he is not guiding, he enjoys tying flies and spending time with his wife Katherine, daughter Nora Jane, and labrador Stella.


      To Request a fishing trip with Nolan Bluntzer, please click the link below:
      Nolan Bluntzer Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Pete Erickson

      Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Pete received an early introduction to fly fishing. His parent’s love of the sport enabled him to experience some of the world’s great fly fishing Meccas at a very young age. Pete has explored places such as: Alaska, Florida, British Columbia, Europe, the Olympic Peninsula and the Rockies. Pete received his B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oregon, and then his Masters in English from Boise State University. Combining his love of fishing and teaching, Pete is a 9th grade English teacher as well as an accomplished guide. Pete has appeared on ESPN, ESPN2, Verses, ABC Sports, and The Outdoor Channel. Pete is a member of the Clackacraft Pro-staff. Pete also won the 2008 National Team Championship with the USA Fly Fishing Team. He also adds an ESPN Outdoor Games Gold Medal to his list of accomplishments.


      To Request a fishing trip with Pete Erickson, please click the link below:
      Pete Erickson Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Ryan Christensen

      Ryan grew up in Idaho a fifth generation potato farmer. He comes from a long line of outdoorsmen. Living in Eastern Idaho it was no accident fishing and skiing are his favorite past times. After completing Western Rivers guide school he knew what he wanted to do. He is eager to continue the quest to learn more about the Rivers and fishing, knowing it is an endless journey. Ryan loves sharing his knowledge and enjoys interacting with people from all over. Whether fishing with a beginner or and experienced
      angler you are sure to have a great day on the water.


      To Request a fishing trip with Ryan Christensen, please click the link below:
      Ryan Christensen Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing GuideSkylar grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia fishing as much as he could. He left home to attend Clemson University where he received a degree in Spanish and International Trade. After completing an internship in Washington D.C., Skylar new that he couldn’t happily survive the city life and business world. He decided to move to Idaho upon graduation and pursue fly fishing and other outdoor recreational opportunities. For the last nine years, Skylar has called Idaho and Steamboat Springs, Colorado home and continuing to fish as much as possible. He lives in Driggs and has no intention on ever leaving!


      To Request a fishing trip with Skylar Van Waveren, please click the link below:
      Skylar Van Waveren Trip Request



      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing GuideTim Watters has been a resident in Teton County Idaho the last 16 years. He attended the University of Denver where he studied geography and Spanish. During his time in college he started the fly fishing club to try to share his passion with others looking to start their fly fishing careers. He spent his summers throughout college working at a kids camp helping guide backcountry trips and introducing new anglers to the sport of Fly Fishing. After college he moved back hometown Victor, to start his guide career with WorldCast Anglers. Growing up in the area, he was anxious to get back home and back to fishing. He has spent his last 4 winters in Argentina continuing to guide the wild trout waters of Patagonia.


      To Request a fishing trip with Timmy Watters, please click the link below:
      Tim Watters Trip Request



      WCA Fly Fishing Guides - Jackson Hole - Trevor Wine

      Trevor started teaching people to cast fly rods and catch fish in northern Virgina and Maryland in 1997. ? He migrated to the Lake Tahoe area and guided from 1999 until 2007.? Since 2007, Trevor has been working with WorldCast Anglers.? He is a full time guide 8 months of the year.? The other 4 months are filled with fishing, duck hunting, upland bird hunting and snowboarding in the Tetons.? Trevor is well educated in all techniques of fly casting and fly fishing.? Combined with his good stories and warm nature laughter, a day on the water with Trevor is always full of learning, fun and excitement.


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      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Vance Freed

      Vance Freed began his fly fishing odyssey at age 10 in his hometown of Trumbull, CT where he would rise before dawn to pursue the resident sunfish in the neighborhood pond. This was only the beginning of many glaring signs that would lead him to his future career as a guide. 20 years later, having naturally undergone the metamorphosis that would leave guiding as his most obvious and beloved livelihood, he said goodbye to his job in television, spent three days camping and fishing on the famed Housatonic River in CT and headed west. Vance is one of the head guides. He guides upwards of 130 days a year on the South Fork, Snake, Salt, Green and Teton rivers. He has also served as our Camp Manager and guide at Los Torres Lodge in South America during 2006 and was the second American to ever work as a guide in the Seychelles Islands, located 1000 miles off the coast of South Africa in the majestic Indian Ocean. Now a resident of Jackson, WY, Vance divides his time guiding and fishing over the entire western United States. He has many clients he now counts as friends and the unique aura of a man that truly loves his job.


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      WCA Fly Fishing GuidesWill grew up in Nashville, Tennessee with his brother Eric. He moved to East Tennessee where he attends East Tennessee State University and is working on a degree in parks and recreation management. He graduated from the Western Rivers Guide School and loves fishing the waters of Idaho and Wyoming. Will enjoys taking out all levels of anglers and his laid back attitude will make for a great day on the water.


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      Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide - Zach Barrett

      Zack Barrett, originally from Boston Massachusetts, found his way to the Tetons via the University of Montana in Missoula, MT with a short stay in Colorado.? He now calls Driggs and the surrounding waters his home.? Zack is a patient and hard working guide who believes the best friendships are made on the river.? Whether you are a seasoned angler or just trying something new, Zack will adjust to your skill level and give you a memorable fishing experience.


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