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      WCA Frequently Asked Questions

      What to wear?

      The weather in greater Yellowstone ecosystem consists of dry summer heat with occasional rainy days. Even though it may look sunny in the morning, weather moves quickly out here and it is always important to bring raingear in case of the occasional summer shower passing through. We suggest wearing shoes which you don’t mind getting wet (i.e. sandals, old sneakers, Crocs etc. ) as there will be times when you may need to get your feet wet getting in and out of the boat. Additionally, there will be times in the summer where wet wading, in water no deeper than mid calf, will be the best way to put both anglers on fish and it would be smart to have shoes which you don’t mind getting wet. The water temperatures in the summer are cool, but not too cold on the feet.

      A hat and sunscreen are necessary for protection from the bright sun and the reflection off the water.

      Sunglasses are an important piece of safety gear for protecting your eyes from swinging flies. Polarized glasses are the best choice as they cut down on the glare coming off the water and can help you spot fish.

      In the late spring and early fall months, it is advisable to bring along a sweater and jacket for the cooler mornings and evenings. Also in these months it is advisable to bring waders for wading and for getting in and out of the boat.

      What does the trip rate include?

      The price of the trip includes transportation to and from the river in the guide’s vehicle from the predetermined meeting place, use of Orvis Rods and Reels, drinks (soda’s and Water), and a lunch for all full day trips.

      In addition to the price of the trip, you will be responsible for purchasing your own fishing license (about $12.75/$14.00 for a non-resident daily), a small selection of flies (8-15) selected for use by the guide for the day, and a gratuity for the guide if you do so choose at the end of the day.

      If I bring a rod, what weight should I bring?

      We primarily use 5 and 6 weight rods. We occasionally use 4 weight rods for dry flies and 7 weight rods for streamer fishing, but your best bet is a 5 or 6 weight, with a 6 being a great choice if the wind kicks up. You are always welcome to bring your own rods, but remember that your guide will always have extra rods on hand for all trips.

      What flies are working?

      The morning of the trip, the guide will make a selection of flies and leaders that are working presently on your river section for you to purchase. These are yours to keep so long as they are not lost while fishing on the river. The guide also has numerous flies in his boat in case patterns or situations change during the trip. If you would like to bring your own flies, some staple patterns are included in your confirmation email.

      What kind of boats do you use?

      Here at World Cast Anglers we primarily fish out of 3 person (2 anglers and 1 guide) row boat style driftboats. The boat fishes best with 1 or 2 anglers. We suggest only adding a third person when it is child as three adults pushes the weight limits of the boat and does not provide adequate fishing to all people present. The boats all have good amounts of dry storage for your valuables and rain gear during the trip. They are very stable fishing platforms and with the built in leg-locks, there is little chance of falling into the river.

      What’s for Lunch?

      On all trips, the guides will bring along a cooler full of soda’s and water. If you have a special drink choice, feel free to bring it along and throw it in the cooler. On full day trips our guides will take along a full shore lunch with plenty of food for all the clients. If you are more of a snack eater, please feel free to bring along some granola bars or additional food of your choice. If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, please let us know when booking the trip so that we can accommodate your lunch needs accordingly.

      Pick up and drop off procedure

      In the morning (or afternoon for afternoon half-days), we will have our guide meet you at a predetermined location. From there you will travel to and from the river in the Guide’s vehicle where in the afternoon he will return again to the same meeting place to let you off at your vehicle or hotel. If you need special transportation arrangements, give us a call and we can try to accommodate your needs.

      Do I need to bring my car along to the river?

      It is not necessary because when you are fishing, the shop has the guide’s vehicle moved from the put in to the take out. If you are traveling after the fishing trip, and we happen to be going in your intended direction of travel, we can arrange for your vehicle to be moved as well to help you on your way.

      Who will I be fishing with?

      When we take your reservation we will sign you up with a guide. This guide is subject to change on the day of the fishing trip, except when a Guide Request is made. If you call and request a guide to fish with, we will make sure that they are available the morning of for your trip. If you are looking to request a guide, we suggest making these reservations at least a month or two in advance to ensure your selection.

      Can I make a request?

      If you would like to fish with a certain guide or fish a certain piece of water, we can take requests and do all in our power to make sure that they come to fruition.