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      Fly Fishing WorldCast Anglers Exclusive Water

      Bitch and Badger Creek “Teton Canyons” Backcountry

      Bitch Creek

      Join WorldCast Anglers on a backcountry wading trip to some of the most pristine Cutthroat water in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. A “Cutthroat Paradise,” these freestone backcountry tributaries to the Teton River provide non-stop dry fly action to fish of all sizes. If you enjoy fishing big bushy dry flies in big pocket water and canyon settings or just want a different adventure away from the drift boat, these trips are for you. Teton Canyon Backcountry trips are offered on a limited basis.




      Red Rock Ranch


      Red Rock Ranch is home to over 2.5 miles of private fly fishing water. Crystal Creek, which flows through the dude ranch, is an excellent fishery with abundant native Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout. The Red Rock Ranch is a family owned and operated Jackson Hole dude ranch located just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park. Here you will find a family oriented Wyoming dude ranch vacation destination with a truly relaxed change of pace and the charm of the old west.





      Sheridan Lake


      Sheridan Lake RainbowSheridan Lake remains one of Idaho’s best-kept secrets.? It is privately owned, however you can make an appointment with WorldCast Anglers and be one of the 8 rods allowed daily on the water. Only 19 miles west of Island Park, ID, Sheridan is known for its near 400 acres of surface area and broad shouldered feisty kamloop rainbow trout. You will also find snake-river cutthroat and brook trout, just to spice things up a little.? The lake is loaded with leeches and Chronomids. The fish love them. In early spring there can be multiple Chronomid hatches coming off at the same time. Sometimes it’s hard to determine which one they like best. We’ve found uniform sink lines with 9′ leaders and 3X tippets work well.? Sheridan Lake is a quiet, private refuge for people and fish alike. Originally built from a natural pond for irrigation, this lake has an average depth of 10 feet, but goes to 25 feet deep in some areas. Besides the natural trout population, over 14,000 kamloop were introduced to the waters in 2004. In 2005 another 16,000 were added, along with 14,000 Snake River cutthroats and 5,000 plus Brook trout. Leeches, minnows, freshwater shrimp and snails are plentiful, which explains the trophy-sized fish.





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