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      Fly Fishing Guide School Course Details

      Western Rivers Fly Fishing Guide School Course Details:


      Riparian Habitat, Naturalist

      Fly Fishing Guide School

      This class will increase our students’ knowledge of riparian areas and their link to healthy ecosystems. Students will take an in depth look at various natural occurrences and the effects of human interference on our country’s river systems. In addition, a basic understanding of riverbed geology (how, when, why these rivers exist) is truly beneficial to a guide’s more comprehensive understanding of trout habitat and environment. This section of the course also provides students with an overview of riverbed geology in the American West.


      Entomology, Entomologist

      Fly Fishing Guide School

      “Can a Western fishing guide truly succeed without a basic understanding of fishing entomology?” is a rhetorical a question. Although there are many different elements that combine to create the ideal fishing guide, the knowledge of insect life is integral to a guide’s ability to put a client on fish. This section of the course will include a field trip to identify the various aquatic insects in our area.


      Business Building Objectives, WorldCast Anglers Partner

      Fly Fishing Guide School

      Taught from a business perspective, this class will instruct new guides on how to manage everything from themselves and their equipment, to their client list and their . Additionally this class will cover strategies in developing, maintaining, and sustaining client lists and employment.

      Rowing Progression, WorldCast Anglers Instructors

      Fly Fishing Guide School

      The importance of rowing for a Western fishing guide should be fairly obvious. For that reason students and instructors spend five days floating along the rivers of Idaho and Wyoming learning the fundamentals of rowing on class I and II rivers, and possibly working up to more technical class III waters. During this section of the school students will learn to be competent oarsmen with and ability to read, understand and navigate most rivers.

      Teaching Fly Casting, Casting Instructors

      Fly Fishing Guide SchoolEven more important than a guide’s ability to cast a perfect line, 75 yards, is the ability to teach a client how to cast the line, 30 feet. Throughout the course FFF certified casting instructors will work both to improve the students’ casting abilities, as well as help them understand the fundamental strategy and technique for teaching a novice client to cast proficiently as well as understand and correct common casting mistakes.






      Knot Tying, WorldCast Anglers Instructors

      Fly Fishing Guide SchoolSpending ten minutes trying to change a client’s leader or fly just doesn’t cut it, especially if you’re floating down the whitewater section of the Snake, when oar control is essential to prevent capsizing. This section will focus on teaching students the various knots employed by fishing guides, as well as some basic tricks to help increase the speed of the “tie time”.

      Whitewater Rescue, Whitewater Expert

      Fly Fishing Guide School

      During this part of the school, we will teach and perform the most important elements of whitewater rescue techniques and give each student a basic understanding of what to do in an emergency situation on the river.



      Fly Fishing Guide School

      Current Job Opportunities, WorldCast Anglers Staff

      WorldCast Anglers works with fly fishing outfitters and guide services to fill openings for qualified fishing guides. These companies contact our office looking for graduates of the Western Rivers Professional Guide School. Come participate in the Guide School and open these and other doors into the business of guiding.