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      Fly Fishing Guide School Instructors

      Western Rivers Fly Fishing Guide School Instructors:

      Kasey Collins

      Fly Fishing Guide Kasey Collins

      Western Rivers Guide School played a large roll in Kasey’s development as a guide in the late 90’s. Teaching anglers to become competent oarsmen and great guides is now something Kasey looks forward to each year. His respect and love for the rivers he guides and the power and magic they posses combine to provide Kasey with a unique perspective on the world of trout guiding.

      Mike Janssen

      Fly Fishing Guide Mike Janssen

      Mike Janssen was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. After graduating from St.Lawrence University in 1993, he made a commitment to the mountain life. In the spring of 1994, under the tutelage of Joe Bressler and attending the Western Rivers Guide School, Mike began his fish guiding career. In the winter months, Mike is an instructor for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, a PSIA Intermountain examiner and heli Ski guide for Alaska Rendezvous Lodge. He is the proud father of 3 exceptional children (Nicholas, Owen & Stella) whom all love and enjoy skiing, fishing, lacrosse and soccer. Mike is completely dedicated to pursuing the educational realm in the professions he finds true to his heart. “The learning never ends ?even when you think you got it figured out….”


      Bill Happersett

      Bill Happersett Fly Fishing Guide

      A thirty-year resident of Jackson Hole, Bill Happersett has been guiding for 25 years. He guided 5 years on little Cayman Island in B.W.I. for bonefish, baby tarpon, and permit. Bill has been with Bressler Outfitters/WorldCast Anglers since day one in the early 80’s. The thrill is not gone!

      ?Brian Johnson

      Fly Fishing Guide Brian Johnson

      Brian brings his unique and candid guiding style as an instructor in the Western Rivers Guide School. Relying on his diverse background of fly fishing and rowing whitewater throughout the West and abroad, as well as his complementary experience as a ski guide, Brian is able to share his breadth of knowledge with students. He thoroughly enjoys teaching the fundamentals of guiding, such as advanced rowing and fishing techniques, but also the tremendously important soft skills it takes to create successful and memorable days on the water with clients.

      Aaron Sanders

      Fly Fishing Guide AJ Sanders

      AJ is a natural fit as Head Instructor of the Western Rivers Guide school for several reasons, not least because of his passion and love for the outdoors. First, as one of World Cast Anglers Head Guides, A.J.’s methodology is grounded in experiential knowledge based not only the success of his fishing career, but on the ideas and methods of one of the best guide staffs in the country. This collaborative approach has also helped A.J. develop his talent for matching any given student’s unique learning style with the appropriate teaching style. Of knowledge itself, A.J.’s approach is complemented by years of studying moving water, not only as a skillful water water kayaker, but certified by the American Canoe Association in whitewater paddling instruction and swift water rescue. His ability to successfully relay his understanding of moving water, both in terms of rowing and fishing is excellent. Last, A.J. believes that learning is an art unto itself, regardless of the topic. Even so, he can never get enough of water or snow and so spends his winters as an Instructor and Backcountry guide for the Jackson Hole Mountain resort. A.J. lives in Jackson with his wife Tory and their two boys Atticus and Oliver.