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      Dec Hogan Spey Casting Clinics

      Dec Hogan Spey Casting Clinics

      Dec Hogan Spey Casting Clinics: WorldCast Anglers is excited to offer two separate full day Spey Casting and Fishing Clinics with Dec Hogan on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, WY. Dec Hogan is one of the foremost authorities in spey casting and instruction and is one of the most influential steelhead anglers, guides and authors of our time. This hands-on clinic is held on moving water and simulates actual angling situations while using a two-handed “spey” rod and casting techniques.


      Dec Hogan Spey Casting Clinics

      Spey casting is one of the most popular techniques in fly fishing. While using either a single or two-handed rod, anglers have the ability to cast further, present flies in difficult to reach places, cover water more effectively in a more timely fashion and most importantly, keep their flies in the water for longer periods of time which leads to increased hookups with fish.




      Dec Hogan Spey Casting ClinicsThe morning is used as an informal discussion and conversation period on spey casting, equipment, and techniques, and followed by several hours of spey casting demonstrations and one-on-one instruction. We will break for lunch mid-day where students and participants are encouraged to relax and continue conversations with Dec about his time on the water, gear, and all things “spey”. The afternoon is spent on the water in actual fishing applications and situations you will encounter while targeting steelhead and/or other andromous fish species.


      Dec Hogan Spey Casting Clinics

      Saturday is reserved for beginners (101 class) and Sunday is reserved for more advanced casters (201 class). Anglers are welcome to attend both days!?To make a reservation of if you have any questions about this clinic please EMAIL US or give us a call at 800.654.0676. Each participant will receive a 15% off WCA Discount Card for any Spey gear purchase at WorldCast Anglers. Availability is limited to 6 students per clinic, so please do not miss this opportunity to learn from one of the greatest teachers in the fly fishing sport and the spey world!



      Dec Hogan Spey Clinics:

      Dates: July 6th (Beginners)

      July 7th (Advanced) SOLD OUT

      Cost: $280 per person, per day

      Location: Snake River Sporting Club – Jackson Hole, WY

      Includes: Equipment, Lunch, Beverages and Instruction