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      Women’s Fly Fishing 101 & 201

      ?Women's Fly Fishing 101

      Women’s Fly Fishing 101 & 201: Similar to our Women’s Rowing Clinics, these women’s only full day clinics are designed to build a fly fishing foundation through education and confidence. Geared for those individuals with little to no fly fishing experience, this experience is about learning the fly fishing basics and everything you will need to get you on the water and fishing. Taught by Worldcast Anglers guide Brenda Swinney, class is limited to 12 students so we can provide both group and individual instruction opportunities.


      The morning session will cover fly fishing equipment, rod and equipment rigging and set up, fly casting and entomology. Lunch and refreshments will be provided for all participants. The afternoon session will offer knot tying, choosing and rigging your flies, fly presentation and mending as well as discussions on safe wading and landing and releasing fish. If you have your own equipment, please feel free to bring and use it. If not, we will have equipment for you to use.

      Our Women’s Fly Fishing 201 expands upon our Women’s Fly Fishing 101 with a full day on the water with a WCA Guide. Similar to our Women’s Fly Fishing 101, one day will be spent in the classroom learning the basics of fly fishing. The next day will be spent on the water applying the learned fly fishing techniques and skills to situations and diverse water environments.



      Women’s Fly Fishing 101 & 201:

      101 Dates:

      June 5th (2 spots open)

      June 19th (6 spots open)

      Cost: $125 per student

      201 Dates:

      June 12th & 13th?(SOLD OUT)

      Cost: $450 per student

      Location: Teton Springs Lodge and Spa

      Includes: Instruction, Lunch, Beverages & $25 Gift Card to WorldCast Anglers


      To make a reservation of if you have any questions about this clinic please EMAIL US or give us a call at 800.654.0676. Availability is limited to 10 students, so please do not miss this opportunity to learn the basic fly fishing skills and enjoy your time on the water!