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      Agua Boa Amazon Lodge – Peacock Bass Fly Fishing

      Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Peacock Bass Fly FishingThe Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is located in the heart of the Amazon Jungle of northwestern Brazil, bestowing access to one of the most unique ecological territories and fisheries in the world. Located 200 miles north west of the Manaus, the lodge is located directly on the banks of the Agua Boa river which comprises one of over 1000 tributaries to the Amazon River. As the largest drainage of fresh water on the planet, the Amazon and its surrounding jungle produces 25% of the world’s freshwater, creating a vast region of lush vegetation and diverse wildlife. Rated by Forbes Magazine as one of the top ten fly fishing lodges in 2010, Agua Boa has separated itself as the premier peacock bass lodge and outfitter of the Amazon.


      Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Peacock Bass Fly Fishing The Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is the only exclusively fly fishing lodge in Brazil. This noteworthy classification was the result of lengthy discussion and mediation with the local government, yielding an exceptional and consistent fishery throughout the season. This legislation, coupled with the strict catch and release policies of the lodge have resulted in unfluctuating catch rates from beginning to end of the season. With over 18 different species of unique fish, the Agua Boa offers a chance to not only catch the famed and notoriously powerful Peacock Bass but a handful of other fascinating jungle fish including the Piranha, the Pirarucu, the Arowana, the Pacu and the Oscar.


      Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Peacock Bass Fly FishingThe gem of this fishery is legendary Peacock Bass, which has taken the fly fishing world by storm. In just over a decade, the Peacock Bass has created a substantial following due to their aggressive takes, intense and powerful runs, and beautiful coloring. Pound for pound, the Peacock Bass is arguably one of the hardest fighting freshwater species that demands the use of 8, 9 and 10 wt rods and heavy abrasion resistant leaders and tippets to catch fish that typically weigh from 2lbs to 10lbs with trophies up to 20lbs available and present.



      Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Peacock Bass Fly FishingDepending on water conditions, wade and sight fishing is a noteworthy possibility that is reminiscent to stalking saltwater flats for bonefish and permit. The Agua Boa is not your typical Amazon river as it flows out of the Mocidade mountains with clear water (conditions depending) and has a true dry season with lower, crystal clear water flows. This dry season overlaps with the Agua Boa Lodge’s fishing season, therefore, under normal conditions, a full week can be spent visually targeting cruising fish. Obviously these conditions are not guaranteed, however; under more challenging circumstances, the lodge shifts its fishing to lagoons where sight fishing is possible. Agua Boa Amazon lodge utilizes custom 20ft aluminum skiffs complete with dual casting decks and polling platforms. In the event water conditions drop, Agua Boa Amazon Lodge has the ability to convert these skiffs to jetdrive outboards to access water that would normally be inaccessible during low water conditions).


      Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Peacock Bass Fly Fishing The special environment and extraordinary fishery is only enhanced by a comfortable lodge and notoriously hospitable staff. Guests stay in private bungalows with individual bathrooms, air conditioning, WIFI and complimentary daily laundry service. There is also a pool and outdoor bar that are perfect for relaxing after a long day of fishing.

      The Agua Boa Lodge is one of the most sought after fishing trips in the world these days and WorldCast Anglers is proud to offer week long trip on an annual basis.

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      Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Peacock Bass Fly Fishing Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Peacock Bass Fly Fishing