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      Norlakes Steelhead Camp – Babine

      Norlakes Steelhead Camp - BabineNorlakes Steelhead Camp – Babine: The Babine Norlakes Camp was founded in 1965 for a few adventurous, steelhead anglers of northern British Columbia. Since then, Steelhead fishing has seen an unprecedented growth in popularity, but Norlakes Camp still lives up to its storied reputation for providing one of the greatest Steelhead fishing experiences in North America. Highly coveted and limited by a small season, this might be one of the hardest fishing lodges in the world the get a spot so it goes without saying that WorldCast Anglers is honored and immeasurably excited to offer this first class destination!


      Norlakes Steelhead Camp - BabineThe Skeena River watershed of British Columbia and its vast system of tributaries is recognized as the world’s greatest remaining wild stock of world record size Steelhead. If the drainage as a whole is widely regarded, the Babine is specifically recognized as the “crown jewel”. The fish are all summer run fish that begin their migration from the ocean into the lower reaches of the Skeena in late spring and early summer. By the time they reach the Babine in the very late summer and early fall, these fish are still healthy, aggressive and hardened from their journey. The Norlakes camp is located on the upper Babine where the summer run Steelhead eventually end their long journey and winter over before spawning in the spring. This location is strategic as the fish populations in the closest pools and runs to the camp continue to grow throughout the season, which is ideal for the late season week that WorldCast Anglers offers. With immediate access to over 15 miles of practically unpressured water and 75 different runs, The Norlakes Steelhead Camp is the ultimate homebase for fishing the famed Babine.


      Norlakes Steelhead Camp - BabineDry fly fishing is sacred to the Norlakes Steelhead Camp history. This is one of the most famous destinations for catching trophy sized, wild Steelhead on dry flies. If water temperatures are between 45 and 55 degrees, then it’s game on! Unlike most rivers, if the water temperatures are stable, dry flies can produce throughout the day. If dry flies are not an option or don’t seem to be working, swinging wet flies will provide the best opportunity to catch fish regardless of water temperature. Each run is fished one by one by the group with a carefully coordinated plan amongst the guide staff. By in large, each angler gets a run to themselves but some of the larger, more productive runs fit two anglers or demand two visits over the course of the day.


      Accommodation in the base camp includes a main lodge building, five guest cabins, each of the guest cabins provides accommodation for two guests. The camp has a shower facility, outdoor heads and the guests cabins are complete with temperature regulated oil heaters and full bedding including sheets and duvets. A full time chef is on hand to provide exceptional meals each week with home made baking, and desserts. Norlakes Lodge takes pride in offering locally grown products. The housekeeping service cleans the cabins and camp daily and serves during mealtime.


      Norlakes Steelhead Camp - BabineThe Babine Norlakes Steelhead Camp is the ultimate Steelhead destination. There is no other way to put it. With such a long and storied history of producing successful fishing trips in a sport well known for moody fish and volatile conditions, this is one the best in the business.

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