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      Turpin Meadow Backcountry Adventure

      Turpin Meadow Ranch Backcountry AdventureTurpin Meadow Backcountry Adventure: When you think about the Rocky Mountain West, it is impossible to not envision snow capped mountainous wilderness, rolling foothills, open meadows mixed into dense ever-green forest and most noticeable, a pristine stream running its way through the middle of it all. The Bridger Teton Wilderness in Northwest Wyoming is the quintessential example of this picturesque landscape and it’s remote location keeps it virtually unspoiled by man. A direct extension of Yellowstone National Park’s ecosystem, this 584,781 acre wilderness area is the second largest of it’s kind in the lower 48 and encompasses some of the very best backcountry fly fishing and wildlife viewing in the Rocky Mountains. WorldCast Anglers Guide Timmy Waters and Will Ezell will be hosting two groups of anglers in conjunction with Turpin Meadow Ranch this summer on the ultimate horse pack backcountry fly fishing trip into this amazing part of the world.


      Turpin Meadow Ranch Backcountry AdventureBased out of the first class Turpin Meadow Lodge, located directly on the Buffalo Fork River, the first night of the trip is spent at the lodge with a gourmet welcome dinner and trip orientation. The following morning, after a nice breakfast at the lodge, the group of four to six anglers accompanied by wranglers and professional ranch staff begin a mid-morning horseback ride into the backcountry wilderness. Arriving at the camp by early afternoon, the group is split up to wade the upper Buffalo Fork and its associated tributaries. The backcountry camp is established and maintained by the Turpin Meadow Ranch and includes all sleeping accommodations including tents, bedding, food and beverage. Set at the confluence of the North and South Forks of the Buffalo Fork, this remote but very comfortable camp is ideally located at the center of some of Wyoming’s best backcountry wade fishing.


      Turpin Meadow Ranch Backcountry AdventureTargeting pure, wild Cutthroat in their native habitat does not get much better than this. These indigenous fish do not get much fishing pressure and have a short season to eat a vast majority of their annual food consumption. They are hungry and typically willing to eat visible, large dry flies. August is the prime time for fishing this high in the Snake River drainage and many of the larger fish in the Buffalo Fork will follow the cooler water temperatures through the summer to spend August in these upper, remote stretches.








      In total, the group will fish for two full days (afternoon half day on Day One, full day on Day Two and morning half day on Day three), with two nights spent in the backcountry, returning to the lodge for the final and fourth night of the trip. After a couple nights camping and two solid days worth of wade fishing, a warm shower and delicious meal back at the lodge is the perfect ending to an exceptional and unique trip. Please read the associated?Trip Information Packet for an example itinerary and pricing.

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      2021 Trip Dates:

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      Host: WCA Guide Timmy Watters and Will Ezell